Xbox Red Ring of Death Fix Quick Help Guidebook

The Xbox 360 console is a gaming system created by Microsoft to compete with the Sony PlayStation. Like any modern day device, the Xbox is plagued with its share of design flaws. The most popular issue is the “ring of death”. However, it is not as bad as it sounds. The Xbox red ring of death fix will only take around an hour or so.

The Xbox is a computer specially designed for gaming. All components are similar to what you would see in a desktop computer. However, they crammed into small casing that barely has any room proper ventilation and heat dissipation. The two components that can generate lots of heat are the CPU and GPU, especially when the console is used for hours and this can harm other components as well.

The lights on bezel commonly coined as rings. These rings are a tremendous help in diagnosing common problems associated with the Xbox 360. If three rings are lid up, then your Xbox 360 has general hardware issue. The troubleshooting steps of Xbox red ring of death fix can resolve this issue in an hour or less.

Once you checked the lights and it shows up as the ring of death, make sure to double check the external components as well. First off, check the wires and see if it has any cuts or physical damage that might affects its performance. Aside from the wires, you can also directly plug in the Xbox 360 directly to the wall. In addition, also make sure to try plugging in the device to different wall outlets just to make sure.

The power brick can cause the Xbox 360 to malfunction if it is not able to supply enough power. Avoid placing the power brick on top of carpeting or any cloth like surface as this can cause overheating. Make sure that it is well ventilated and on a surface that does not let heat buildup. In addition, make sure that there is nothing obstructing the ventilation holes of the power brick.

Dust might have covered the ventilation holes and this can be easily fixed by blowing air into the holes. This goes for both the Xbox 360 unit and the power brick. If you have a friend who also owns an Xbox 360, you can also try testing your console using his or her power brick. This can rule out any hardware malfunctioning caused by the external components.

Before anything else, please note that the opening up the unit can void the warranty. If your warranty has yet to expire, make sure to bring the console back to the store or a service center. If you are not comfortable opening up the console, it is best to send the unit back to Microsoft as long as it is still under warranty. However, it might take a couple of weeks before you can get the unit back.

Before opening anything up, make sure to troubleshoot the hard drive located at the top section of the console. Dust might have buildup and are blocking the contact points of the hard drive. Clean it every now and then is recommended.

Once all the easy to reach components have been thoroughly checked everything and the ring of death error is still there, then that’s the time to check the components inside the console. The Xbox red ring of death fix will involve cleaning components that produce lots of heat and replacing the thermal compound or paste applied to heat sinks, specifically the ones for the processor and GPU. The best thermal compounds are the ones specifically intended for performance desktop computers.

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