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Kinect? Great! I have read countless reviews on the Xbox 360 Kinect. And the more I read, the closer I was getting to my pre-order. Almost all of the reviews moaned about delays, or space duty, or that the games were just regurgitated Wii games, and how each of name of the game was never developed.

After reading some of the preliminary assessments, I was charmed enough that I pre-ordered almost right away. Being a gadget geek, I ordered this set, despite already a Xbox360. I would have liked a bigger hard drive, silence in the new console (!!!!), and integrated wireless. The new design is pretty sweet too. Overall a great console. I suggest the upgrade.

Unplugged the old Xbox360, plugged in the power supply to the new 360, plugged in the HDMI cable (no more adapter needed), plugged in the digital audio wire set the Kinect under my TV, plugged it into the Xbox, turned it on and it’s go time. One or two minutes of setup was all it took, setting up the wireless connection, entering your Xbox Live info, and one or two download updates.

I was playing an expedition game that comes in the box. Wii-like? Yes. Fun? Much! It can track your movements – hands, head, arms, legs, hips, everything – is just amazing. Can uncover when a driver moves from side to side or front to back, or crouching or jumping while moving the arm itself.

Many commentators have moaned about the setbacks, meaning it takes a bit of time to recognise their movements and put them on the screen. Is there a delay? Yes, as measured in fragments of a second. Is it reasonable? Yes, but only if in particular concentrating on it. But it isn't obvious in the actual game, since we are concentrating on the game And just like with the Wii, learn fast to provide compensation for that split second difference. It is absolutely irrelevant!

There's an infrared copying of yourself on the screen. The form of my body was correct (unfortunately) and has even taken the logo on the shirt I was wearing. There are many exercises you can do and you follow with an instructor. You have to be synchronized with instructor to earn points and advance to higher levels and KINECT did an excellent job following every move and compare it to the instructor. Not spreading your feet far enough apart? He'll tell you. Do not keep the pace? He is going to tell you. It’s much more intense than anything I played on the Wii and I'm able to now see how your form rather than going to the gymnasium. It is truly amazing. KINECT is the future of games.

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