WotLK Alliance Inland Fishing Spots for Making WOW Gold

Some players might already know that the Auction House (AH) is the best source of WOW Gold you get for listing and selling items. This selling depends on the server and economy of the community you are in. The situation is that the older the server is, the poorer the economy is.

Players can fish anywhere around the lake, but I recommend the end of the lower connect. There you will remain unmolested by any wandering WotLK monsters and beasts. This is key to maximizing your gold per hour return.WotLK fish can be acquired at Bonescale Snapper, Fangtooth Herring, Glacial Trout and Pygmy Suckerfish.

Anyway, get your new character BAGS! Even if you ever cannot afford big bags, get him hooked up! It’s the best purchase you possibly can make. I would suggest heading for 16 slot bags, that are expensive, but if you ever have a massive level character for the same server you can purchase them on him after which send them to your new character. I quite literally cannot explain how great it will be to have 4 slots of 16 slot bags by level 6. It’s great and profitable! You’ll make a lot much more gold through your journeys you’ll leap in virtual joy!

Crafting professions, like Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting, Tailoring and Blacksmithing, could be quite tempting. Perfect after all, you receive to create your own awesome gear, right? Well, I don’t care. Avoid them. Perfect after you have every one of the Gold in WOW you will get, you can pick up one of those professions afterwards and level it all up swiftly with all the gold you have! So, rather of heading for one of these, choose two gathering professions.

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