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When playing with friends either face-to-face or online, sometimes you get your uneasy feeling that the other person is cheating. In this article we explore some of the tell-tale signs that people is cheating at word games like Scrabble, Phrase scraper, Words with Friends.

It’s easier to detect a cheater when playing physically – simply because they’re sitting right in front of you! There are several small problems that an opponent can do to try and cheat at Scrabble that will go undetected. First of all, there’s trying to get better tiles for themselves. Some players are good at sneaking a glance at the tiles in the bag – most tournaments insist that people take tiles from that bag when it’s above eye level, and just to be sure they also ask that the person turn their little brown eyes away. If your opponent is taking tiles out of the bag while it’s on the lap, or you catch these sneaking a peek – they might be cheating.

Some players are very good at “brailling” this tiles, meaning that they can feel with their arms what letter is relating to the tile. If your opponent spends many years fumbling in the bag then maybe you can call them a Scrabble cheat! An even sneakier way of cheating is to take more tiles out of the bag than they are supposed to, and hide them until they are able to use them to make a high-point word. This is a hard method to detect when your opponent is particularly sly.
Some pretty obvious ways of being a Scrabble cheat is to apply an online tool that builds words in the tiles on the player’s rack.

There are also hand-held digital tools that enable cheating in this way, and some tournaments prevent people leaving everyone in the room during breaks to prevent such a cheating. If you’re taking part in online, the only way might be to know the person you’re playing against well. If they start using all sorts of bizarre Scrabble words that never come up in conversation then you may can ask them what the definition of the word is always to check if they’re cheating.

By causing you to be aware of the type of methods that Scrabble secrets and cheats use, you may be able to have a more enjoyable game free of the anxiety that you be playing against some sort of cheater.

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