Why Your Infant, Toddler, Children Clothing Stores Needs An Online Presence

Ebay’s recently published Online Business Index report has revealed that 79% of small high street clothing retailers believed the introduction of online trade had helped save their business. Their OBI report suggests that small high street retail businesses are able to match and even beat the performance of other online firms when they set up on the internet and that shops perform at least as strongly as other online businesses on sales, prices and profit margins.

The report’s findings show that, far from being threatened by the rise of online shopping, bricks and mortar shops are able to compete on a level playing field if they branch out online. Far from undermining the high street, the online economy is increasingly propping up struggling bricks & mortar businesses.

Enterprising high street retailers continue to develop their online business and are rapidly joining the ranks of online businesses. In this way they can improve their offline income. More than half of every online business has a bricks and mortar store, and about 80% of those are experiencing improved sales and a more sustainable offline business because of that online presence.

As a business owner, if you have been thinking about your business being online, this opportunity is applicable to any type of brick and mortar business, retail or service based. Having a presence online can allow you to reach new customers. The traditional physical store with no online presence is only known to customers in the local area; however a web presence allows customers world wide to see what you are offering. It is also possible to keep in touch with your customer base with this online presence.

Your existing customers are online. This means that they are susceptible to your competitors in that space, including online-only competition as well as bricks & mortar operators.

Building your brand is one way to ensure that you are at the forefront of your particular field. You have many options to engage your customers, including with your website, social networks like Facebook and with email. Times are changing and now is a really great time to explore setting up your online presence.

By using these various alternate methods, you will be able to easily and quickly contact your existing customers and attract new customers at the same time. Research shows that this e-commerce is very viable.

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