Why Allow your Child to Play Computer Games

Thinking: no matter what you think about computer games one thing is for sure it will make your child think. This is much different than the console type games that involve only mindless shooting and running around.

Attention: we could all use an increase in earned attention span and your child is no different. If nothing else the computer games will hold your child’s attention for as long as you choose to allow them to play the game. This is a great exercise for children.

Decision-making: of course when your child is young he does not make very many decisions on his own. By allowing him to play the computer games he is forced to make decisions often and as the opportunity to realize the consequences of those decisions.

Coordination: the only way your child will learn to be coordinated is if you teach him. Another good way to improve his hand and eye coordination is computer games. Especially games that involve both the keyboard and mouse, this enables him to use both hands to move items on the screen.

Technology: by default, your child will learn about computers and how to use them. If you do not think this is an extremely important skill to have, you would be mistaken. By the time he gets to school, the idea of not using computers in the classroom will be completely foreign.

Learning: many of these things are great learning tools for math and language. During one part of the game you may have to solve a math problem to continue while in another part of the game you may have to spell the word that the computer reads to you.

Persistence: some of these games are extremely difficult for children, your child will no doubt have to work hard and keep at it to succeed in the game. These are obviously very important life lessons that can be learned at a very young age.

Solitude: it is important to allow your child to be by himself once in a while. This makes them comfortable in his own skin and allows them to grow as a person without your interference. Playing the games is an excellent exercise that allows him to do his own thing completely separate from you.

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