What You Need To Know About Xbox Mods

Xbox mods are still popular despite the newer machines on the market. Since the modification of games consoles can be difficult, many people choose to send their machines to one of the companies with expertise in the field. If performed incorrectly, DIY modifications can result in damage to the motherboard circuits.

Outer cases of different colours and transparencies are available to change the appearance of the console. Other aesthetic changes are made to the eject button LED, by installing a new colour or an LED which flashes to let you know when the hard drive is in use. You can also have coloured LEDs installed in the controller ports.

A more practical modification is the installation of a larger hard drive for greater memory and more storage space. This can also be achieved with multiple drives for one machine. The extra space is useful for saved games as well as for increasing loading times. Without modification, a hard drive is only able to be used with the console that it was made for but drives can be unlocked to make them compatible with other machines.

Some cables can be modified for installation to the hard drive. These cable mods can increase performance speed, making game play and loading faster, by allowing the machine and the drive to communicate more quickly.

Modchips are essential for the use of certain modifications. Like all electronic devices modchips have evolved; from the early versions which needed lots of wiring, to the latest ones which can be fused straight onto the motherboard. These devices disable the built-in restrictions of the machine.

Xbox mods can improve the appearance, speed, and performance of the console. Some modifications are illegal however, and some will void the Microsoft warranty. You should always check before performing any changes to your machine. Read more about: xbox mods

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