Toys for kids

My daughter is now 7 months old and all I see are around her are outnumbered sets of rattlers, teeters and soft toys. As she is growing I am looking for toys which will help her encourage her to concentrate on learning skills and yet be a lot of fun. During the formative years kids are known to pick up skills real fast.

0-3 months is when the baby starts to develops sight and becomes curious about everything around. Musical toys that hang over the head are the ones to start with. Most of the American/Global brands have interactive activity gyms, musical radios, clip on toys, rockers and magnetic soft toys.

Once baby reaches 5-6 months they start recognizing their faces in the mirror. Soon they find this funny and love to spend longer time spans looking at their faces. Buy them a tummy mat with mirror which helps build muscles and keeps them busy.

One of the best toys in the market, which is a boon to the parents, is the bumbo seat. When the babies come to the age of 6-8 months they try to sit but fail many a times initially. This grows frustration and the baby starts to whine and the whining very soon turns into weeps. A bumbo seat helps baby sit without any support as early as 3 months. It gives them the much needed relief of wanting to sit in an upright position. Add on trays will give them something to keep their hands busy. This is currently unavailable in the Indian market and the best way to buy one is to shop in American online stores.

Walkers, pull along toys, dolls, linked toys, leos, stackers, ride on toys give them delight once they start to walk. It’s important to give them the right toy at the right age for your child and encourage them to do more to build strength, stamina and thoughtfulness.

Buying online in American stores is a pleasure when it comes to toys. There are amazing and innovative toys they you cannot stop yourself from buying a few. Worries that daunt us are if the products will reach safe and intact. Also the shipping costs which when added steeps the price of the product by leaps and bounds.

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