The Ways to Earn Money in The New Patch

Patch 4.3 was released last week, and many players were very happy simply because they could encounter transmogrify, three brand new dungeons, one new raid and finally problem Death Wing and save the world within WOW. Now it has been 7 days into the patch and you will find that the prices of some items are rising and the demand is great should you spend some time upon scanning the auction house every day. The patch in many aspects brought exactly what the majority of us expected. There were a couple of surprises though, a minimum of for the World of Warcraft gold makers.

Epic gems is going to be added in the replacement patch 4.3. According to the info from PTR server as well as Blizzard, we can understand that they are not created by Jewel Crafting but put in the raid. So you don’t have to worry that rare gems will lose their worth in the future, actually we can predict how the major choice for gamers is still rare gems although not epic gems. Because legendary gems must be highly expensive, lots of gamers are not willing to shell out as well considerably WOW gold on purchasing gems.

For the jewel crafters, there are still some questions they might know about the actual epic gems, but we all cannot get the answers from the PTR right now. For example, we all know which epic gems can only become gained within the raid, but what would be the drop rate? and also where will the patterns come from? Also raid drops? or perhaps will all Jewel craftmen (not just raiders) have access to them? Will they will be purchased with current tokens?

Next, the seller price of enchanting components will probably rise. Some gamers will disagree with this particular opinion. But players can get gears in the raid, this will lead to an uptick in consumables ( potions, flasks, food) on the front end connected with raids and item enhancements ( g ems, enchants) on the back end for all the new loot. So it’s Ok that you can stockpile some stunning materials to sell a higher price.

At last, you are going to see materials drop a bit, namely uncommon gems. Those who didn’t retailer their gems before 4.1 can seek for a way to eliminate their gems, they cannot make profit by selling them, so they will most likely to transmute them into rare gems to sell on the public sale house. as we both know, uncommon gems will be in high demand within the new patch, treasure crafters are also willing to sell them to make some extra gold in WOW. So the rare gems will become the new “shuffle” and competition is going to be heavy.So if you are a jewel crafter, and still want to make World of Warcraft gold by creating and selling green jewels, here is my suggestion for you, Get out of the market for now, you’re better off being safe than sorry.

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