The Way To Backup PS3 Games

Many gamers all over the world wonder how they can copy PS3 games so that they can keep their backup. Can you backup ps3 games? Yes you can. Purchasing a PS3 CD after you have broken one or destroyed it in some way is very expensive. the search of ways of backing up so as to play copied games on ps3 is all in vain as most geniuses are still trying to find out how that can be done.

The reason why it is difficult to copy PS3 games is that the company that makes the PS3 game, Sony, has done a very good job at preventing piracy of its games by implementing a unique encryption algorithm in the discs that store the games. These algorithm encryptions are highly protected by the company and no one can get them easily. The games are also stored in complicated CD’s. These are Blu-Ray CDs. The CDs are also encrypted in a way that makes it is difficult to copy ps3 games to hard drive.

The closest anyone has gotten in successfully copying a PS3 game is managing to copy it fully but it does not play when put into the machine. The hardware is designed in such a way that copied PS3 games cannot be played on it. Getting a PS3 backup is a big problem for nearly all gamers and there are some companies that have taken advantage of this. These fraud computer companies do online sales of software. They claim to have software for copying PS3 games successfully to Blu-Ray discs and because so many people have been trying to copy PS3 games and they have been successful, they run to these websites to purchase the software only to realize that they do not actually work. They may copy the game but the game will not play on the machine. Reason being, the games which are copied do not work at all. When trying to learn the way PS3 games can be copied, People should not rush to money making websites like these ones.

Some geniuses have devised a way of backing up their PS3 games. There is a device that has been invented to transfer the games from the machine to the hard drive. If you want to transfer PS3 games to hard drive, this is one successful way. Another way of creating backup of PS3 games that has been used for a long time is installing a mod chip to the PS3 hardware. This is an interesting way to transfer PS3 games to external hard drives. However, it is dangerous because if you do it carelessly. It may result to the loss of warranty.

The fact that people have resorted to other solutions such as hacking using a device that is in the form of a USB stick shows that the copying of the PS3 games is an unsuccessful mission. Sony will always come up with a way of preventing further hacking. They succeeded in preventing pirates from copying their games on discs and now that they are aware of the other methods, they will block them.

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