The Growing Love For Rugby: Few Knowledge About This Recreational Activity

Today’s liberal world allowed women to participate in many a number of activities previously exclusively dominated by the male populace. Included in these activities are sporting events such as rugby. Rugby is a fast moving and high intensity field sport that is gaining worldwide popularity among both men and women. It is a ball game aimed at testing the stamina, skill, and speed of the players.

England is where the history if rugby all started. Kicking and throwing of the ball are the only actions involved in the rugby game when it was first played. Back in the 10th century, great mobs and villagers will compete enthusiastically against each other to get the ball across the field. This changed in 1823 when a 16-year old William Webb Ellis – a student in a Rugby School in England – picked up the ball and ran downfield toward the goal instead of simply kicking it. These actions of Ellis prompted Rugby leaders to rethink their laws and rules which lead to the development of rugby as we now know it.

Playing rugby is like playing basketball, football, and chess all at one time. That is, a rugby game requires speed, contact, and strategy, which are the defining characteristics of the earlier mentioned sports activities, respectively. A rugby competition is comprised of two competing teams with each team having either 15 or 13 members. A team is required to have 15 members during a professional rugby game-which is also known as a Rugby League-while 13 players are required in a team playing for the Rugby Union, or the widely played amateur version. The ball used in playing rugby is oval-shaped and closely resembles the ball used in American football. The field where a rugby game is played measures 330ft long and 180-225ft wide with goal lines 110 yards apart, two in-goals 25 yards deep, and letter “H” goal posts on each side of the field.

The main purpose of the rugby game is to touch the ball down in the opposition in-goal area or try zone (end zone) and scoring a try. The goal as in most ball games is to score more points than the other team. Points are scored by putting the ball down across the goal line (scoring a try) or by kicking the ball through the goal posts. It is played two 40-minute halves on the field. Combination of kicking running and backward passes will be seen during the rugby game. Also, during the 40-minute halves, players are required to show speed, strength as well as exceptional stamina as the game demands sure handed ball movement, steadfast tackling and eye for opportunities to gain possession of the ball or territory.

As was aforementioned, rugby is gaining worldwide popularity today. The five major international rugby competitions today that are participated in by most teams and rugby associations worldwide are the Rugby World Cup, Heineken Cup, Six Nations, Super 14, and the Tri Nations, with the Rugby World Cup considered the most prestigious among the five. Just like the Olympics, the Rugby World Cup is being held only every four years. The next Cup is scheduled in 2011 with New Zealand as the host country.

Everyone can enjoy a game of rugby. With this sport discounting one’s gender, age, size, fitness level, or experience, everyone-men and women, alike, that is-can definitely enjoy this sporting event.

Lucas Denton is a rugby coach from London. Lucas has been playing rugby since he was 9-years old and is currently teaching said sports in a University in UK.

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