The Five Attributes All Proficient Leaders Present

Online gaming guilds are a living, breathing entity. They come in all shapes and sizes and are greatly influenced by the folks who sign up under its banner. I’ve realized in my online gaming adventures that there seems to be a certain type of leader who can grab the bull by the horns and create an empire. These people may be reluctant to lead, but identifying them is crucial for guild growth and member recruitment. Look for a player who has these qualities:

Wittiness: A person that can keep you laughing and divert your attention from problems or complications is worth having in a position of power. I’m not talking about cheap, passing humor either. The focus of this aspect lies in their ability to convey their thoughts effortlessly. Sarcasm in the right doses can’t hurt, either.

Availability: Being on the game is pretty important. Real life comes first, yes, but your prescribed leader should establish a presence that others can come to rely on. If the person you’ve selected to run your guild fits flawlessly but doesn’t log on, you may want to consider them for a less demanding position.

Conflict Settlement: It seems nowadays that most players are content with bickering and fighting namelessly over the internet. A savy leader will have no problem shutting down the conflicts that arise. On the flip side, the leader shouldn’t jump at every bit or conflicting comment that a player makes. At this point I would hope you’d have surrounded yourself with adults who are proficient at using their better judgment to settle conflicts.

Diplomacy: It’s tough dealing with other guild entities, especially when they don’t heed finesse or tact. It’s the guild leaders job to coordinate with these competitive guilds and prevent things from getting nasty. Both teams will have common goals such as wealth, status, or dominance; play off of these goals to reach a mutually beneficial relationship. benefits for both parties can always be realized when your leader spins a proposition to look more favorable for the other crowd.

Allegiance: Loyal members are very hard to come by, players nowadays tend to run off at the first promise of “phat loot.” Leadership’s goal is to remain stoic and only promise members what it can actually deliver. Gauging your leader’s loyalty can be done by observing their actions outside of the game. If your leader is ready to front money for a voice-chat server or website hosting, there’s a good chance he/she is in for the long haul. Would you bail on something you’ve invested your time and money in that quickly? Not likely.

Yes, MMO players tend to be all about themselves; leaders have to break that mentality and show the community what online gaming is all about. If theres one thing you take away from this fairly long-winded article it’s that a leader should focus on building up others instead of just themselves. After all, everyone you invest time in will remember and respect you. Do you have what it takes?

Do you have what it takes to be a true leader? It takes outstanding leadership to compete in the competitive gaming arena! Thanks for reading.

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