The best iPhone golf games

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into golf in real life – if you own an iPhone, there are some great golf games available. Broadly speaking, they fall into two categories – simulation style apps that aim to replicate the look and feel of a real round of golf, and more cartoonish titles that take the concept of golf and reimagine it for the mobile gaming generation.

One of these less serious takes on golf gaming is Super Stickman Golf. Realistic graphics and lifelike gameplay are eschewed in favour of 2D platform-style entertainment over more than 200 different levels. In the game, you can do things such as freezing water, sticking balls to the walls, and suspending them in mid-air. The game also comes with online and WiFi multiplayer modes, all of which adds up to make it a great value app.

Continuing the fun-over-realism theme, 3D Mini Golf Challenge, developed by Digital Chocolate, features 100 crazy golf holes all luxuriously rendered and just tricky and bizarre as the real thing. Although the physics are convincing, this doesn’t make it feel as tedious as many of the games that make a virtue out of being realistic.

One game that is designed to be taken seriously is EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12. The game features satisfying touchscreen controls, real-world courses, a well-executed multiplayer mode that integrates with Facebook, and slick graphics. This app tends to polarise opinion, but if you like golf, it will probably give you plenty of enjoyment.

Puttluck is a less well-known game, developed specifically for the iPhone 4. If you want something different to the other golf sims out there, this may be what you’re looking for. It uses Wii-style motion controls, and is the first game of its kind to do so, making full use of the gyroscope which Apple introduced with the iPhone 4. The game is fairly one-dimensional, but the pioneering interface and the immediacy of the gameplay make up for that.

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