Super Mario Bros 3 Video Game

Super Mario Bros 3 was and still is an extremely popular video game from Nintendo. Other common names were SMB3 and SM3. The third in the very popular Mario brothers series. Originally released in Japan during nine teen eighty eight and North America during nine teen ninety. Finally in Europe during nine teen ninety one. Developed by the Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development for the classic home version of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

It is a quest to rescue seven rulers from seven kingdoms by Mario and Luigi. Their enemy which is Bowser is the king of the Koopas who happens to be a reptile. They have to travel inside the Mushroom Kingdom in order to save Mushroom World from the evil grasp of Bowser and his followers called Kooplings.

The game took elements from the other two previous titles and added some new ones as well. Power ups which can help your character as well as adding some sort of special ability to them while playing. New enemies and new features were added to it for the first time. The game has been one of the most popular games of all time. Even an animated show made for television was developed along the premises of the game.

Critically it received good reviews from critics and gamers as a popular video game. There have been remakes of the original including All Stars on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and also with the Wii it is available on the virtual console format as well as being re-released onto disc.

Mario is one of the most popular and easily recognized video game characters in all history. During the game he goes along to seven kingdoms to rescue the seven rulers captured by Koopa. Princess Toadstool is kidnapped and taken to the castle awaiting for her rescue from the Dark Land.

The various Kingdoms are the Grass Land where you can upgrade to a raccoon costume with the ability to fly for the first time. There is Desert Hill is the second land where you can upgrade your player to throw fire. In the third it is called Ocean Side that has a water theme. There you can become a frog. The fourth is Big Island. The fifth is called The Sky where there is a land in the clouds. The sixth is named Iced Land. The seventh and final is the Castle of Koopa where you finally battle and defeat Bowser.

Super Mario Bros 3 is a great and fun game to play any time. Probably one of the best game ever made it is even today considered by fans as being a true timeless classic that can be enjoyed by all players and fans.

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