So You Want to Invest in a Second House…

If you’re considering purchasing a second property to help supplement your income, there’s no better time than now due to the decrease in current home values. Finding an affordable way to purchase a second property is the key which will allow you to earn additional money as you go. A second property investment can currently boost your financial prospects in the right direction if you go about it correctly after buying it. See below.

First, think about what you’re going to use the second property for. Is it a vacation home for you and your family? That’s a great way to use a second property, but it likely won’t net you much additional income. If, on the other hand, you’re considering renting it out to tenants, you might just be able to get your new tenants to pay the monthly mortgage on the property for you. Presumably, the home will appreciate over time, and you can later sell it for more.

Another option is a renovation project. There’s also potential for this to be a wise way to invest money into a second property by buying a fixer-upper type of property at a relatively low price and upgrading the interior before selling it once more. Caveat emptor, however: You might just end up finding the costs of renovation too steep to really make mucho f a profit when you try to sell it later on if you do something like this. You might not be able to get back what you put into it even if the house ends up being appraised for that value, if the market hasn’t improved much.

There’s also financing. In the first place, how do you get the money to invest in a second property? Most people tend not to have extra money just lying around with which to make that purchase. Using the equity in your first home to finance the second is one common method. A home equity loan is how this can be done. Lending institutions generally require proof that you’ll be able to generate enough income to make it worth their time to loan you the money in the first place for a rental property loan.

It just comes down to doing your research ultimately. There are multiple ways to make money and to finance your purchase if you want to invest in a second property. So you can narrow down the right option for you in the end, make sure you know all of them.

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