Save Money and Reap the Benefits of an AARP Home Insurance Policy as an AARP Member

Do you hold an AARP membership? If that’s the case, there’s good news. Especially when it comes to home insurance policies, there are many benefits offered by this company. Any little bit of savings or benefit can help, and finances are integrally important to keep balanced as a retiree. Outlined below are some of the main benefits to owning an AARP home insurance policy.

Replacement costs for the contents of your home are offered to holders of AARP home insurance policies. In the event they need to compensate you for their replacement, most home insurance policies take the depreciation of your valuables and furniture into account. AARP doesn’t, though. Instead of settling for a cheaper counterpart if your household belongings are destroyed, you can buy something similar to what you owned in the first place.

Your policy can also be renewed at any time and for whatever length you decide upon. A cancellation will thus never occur as a result of your getting older. There is a minimum requirement of 60 days stipulated on your policy before you can take advantage of this no-cancellation rule, though. Cancellations do sometimes occur with AARP policies, but they happen rarely and the conditions surrounding the cancellation are not applicable to most members. If you’re an AARP member, you can also opt to purchase additional and extended home coverage.

You can also get something known as Extra Valuables Coverage through AARP if you have valuables in your home that a typical home insurance policy would not cover. Some examples of valuables that fall under this additional coverage would be expensive clothing or jewelry, and even credit cards. There is also an option for private boat coverage that’s ideal for the retiree who loves the open water.

For members who need a home insurance policy or are considering switching from their current policy, AARP is consequently a great option. The policy can offer you the freedom to live with a sense of security that the items you hold most dear are covered for the rest of your life, and the benefits offers are second to none.

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