Rift Power Leveling Guide for Beginners to Souls and Classes

There are 4 classes to decide on from in Rift, and they are warrior, cleric, rogue and mage. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choosing could be hard. The choice will influence your RIFT plat earning and character power leveling. Here is a brief explanation belonging to the 4 classes in Rift.

A very preferred selection because they are great in battle and can deliver some massive damage. They are also the preferred choice for tanking and can resist massive hits with them. If you choose warrior, then you will be sought soon after by many groups.

If you are looking for that fantastic, the cleric is the best selection because it has a beneficial attack and defends abilities. These rift cleric leveling builds is a really beneficial one. The very first build has the cabalist for that main soul accompanied by inquisitor as the secondary and sentilal as the final one. Cabalist is chosen for its harm power, while the sentinal has the great self-healing ability. Using these souls and placing half your points into the principle two souls equally while placing none into the third. This build will get you previous level twenty before you decide to need a re-think.

Another rift cleric leveling build is centered on the druid soul, the shaman as well as the warden. The druid is brilliant because it has a pet, and this pet will do the vast majority of the work for you. Your pet will attack for you and defend you too as heal you, so you should take care of your pet at all costs.

If you undoubtedly are an additional experienced rifter and want to talk with your rift cleric, then your main spirit HAS for being justicar because this really is essentially the only soul that could be used for tanking a rift cleric. The build for tanking will be justicar, shaman, and druid. A pvp cleric tank would be justicar 50, shaman 10, sentinal 6. As you can see a rift cleric RIFT leveling guide is essential as stuff can get a little bit confusing. There are so numerous feasible combinations and so numerous ways to share out the points that you can get a headache.

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