Regarding The Dota 2 Release Date

If you are a gamer then you probably are waiting for the Dota 2 release date this year. The beta version of it has just now come out for testing. The first defense of ancients has been one of the top played rpgs ever of all time. It’s a bit like the world of war craft where the people who play get really sucked in to the games world. The developing company behind dota is blizzard.

Rpgs for short stands for role playing games and they are hugely popular among the gaming crowd. People love it so much because they get sucked in to a virtual realm where they get to play pretend and be fantasy characters in a real time story. This industry is huge because so many gamers like to spend their time playing and dedicated their lives and hobbies to it.

A billion dollar industry has been created with gaming and development. Worldwide tournaments and conventions are going on every year for this stuff. People in the gaming industry have been getting rich and it takes skill to create these new technologies all the time.

Defense of ancients needs to get a release date soon to calm the fans and players. Everybody is waiting and they want the chance to enter this online game world that blizzard has developed. Some people have the chance to play the beta demo version this year. You get to join a team and do battles and level up in dota 2.

After the first defense of ancients saw big success and a player loved what was happening there it was decided by developers that two needed to be made. The players get to take a character role and they are called heroes and they are on opposing teams. Then the two teams do battles and see who wins and they gain stuff and keep leveling higher. This new version has twenty five levels supposedly. Your team needs you to be a strong player so you can all benefit.

Interest in a second version sequel to the original defense of the ancients came about from the developers. They decided that there was enough potential and interest to go forth with the sequel game and fans all over are waiting impatiently. Some chosen people have been given the opportunity to play the demo and beta versions now.

There are so many competitive role playing games on the market now but many would tell you that dota is the best and arguably the most popular one. In terms of pay and value it is coming in second to star craft version two. There have even been global strategic competitions throughout the world with the winners taking the glory.

Fans are expecting the defense of ancients 2, or Dota 2 release date to be sometime later this year in 2012 with high hopes. For now there is just beta out so you can just keep on waiting at home. Be sure that it will be huge whenever it finally gets released full to everyone and it will make money. Get on your pc and play some rpgs like star craft and war craft while you wait for the new dota.

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