Rapid Fire and other Modded Advantages You Can Use in EA’s Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 has been a long awaited title for the world gaming agreement. The game is being offered on the most highly favored consoles, and its new game play promises to provide gamers with a gaming experience that is beyond all expectations. Its release marks one of the most intensive gaming rivalries in recent memory between Activision and Electronic Arts, but the competition has only worked to create even better games, and the gamers are the ones who truly benefit. It is never too late to ready yourself for the intense action of Battlefield 3, and one way to obtain an upper hand on the competition is purchasing a modded 360 controller.

The benefits of owning a modded 360 controller, or for that matter a modded PS3 controller, are unlimited. Especially given the high level of gaming skill that will be brought to BF3, owning a mod is a great way to enhance your own abilities. The modded PS3 controller offers the same benefits as its Xbox 360 counterpart, so no matter which console you decide to play Battlefield 3 on the benefits are yours for the taking.

A highly highly favored controller upgrade is the custom rapid fire mod, which uniquely benefits the more ambitious gamers. Seeing that Battlefield 3 features fast paced game play, this custom mod is a perfect way to get a step ahead of others. Installing rapid fire will allow gamers to use the single shot weapons of EA’s latest game with fully automatic firing rates. This is an obvious advantage. Can you envision turning the corner and always knowing that you have the maximal possible rate of fire? You can dish out more damage, more effectively, and in a shorter amount of time than all of your enemies.

With this being said, there are also custom upgrades that suit the more reserved, defensive gamers. If you like to hold onto positions then fast reload is a beneficial choice that will allow you to remain dominant. Fast reload does what you would expect it to do: the rate at which you reload weapons is dramatically increased. As a result, you will be fully able to lay down suppressing fire more effectively in Battlefield 3, and the competition will be caught in the crossfire.

Utilizing custom controllers is popular among today’s gaming youth, and you can be sure to see them being used with the game. The release of Electronic Arts’ newest game marks the advancement of the gaming industry, and accordingly gamers will be stepping up to the challenge of dominating BF3’s game play. Investigate how mods can benefit your abilities, and get down to winning matches, and putting the competition in their place.

Find out more about how a certain modded PS3 Controller can help you dominate in EA’s latest FPS title. With modifications like rapid fire, you are sure to dominate any opposition before you.

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