Rage Of The Firelands WoW Hunter Gear Patch 4.2

Perhaps one of the reasons for the popularity of World of Warcraft is the frequent content updates and upgrades to equipment. The latest content addition to Cataclysm, is Rage of the Firelands and some changes like the PvP WoW Hunter gear patch 4.2 have not been as predictable as in seasons past.

Hunters are frequently the subject of jokes and on the receiving end of the nerf stick, so updates usually are a time of change for that class. The recent patch brought plenty of changes to many classes and comparatively small changes in talents and abilities for hunters. What changes took place may well be sweetened by the addition of rare tameable pets in the Firelands and added iLevels to the newest high tier equipment sets.

What may be the most significant change for those who prefer player versus player play styles is the change to PvP equipment in season 10. Up until 4.2, new top tier sets, had new names and increased stats. With this newest content addition, the name is the same but the ilevels have increased and the tooltip shows whether the item is season 9 or season 10.

An example of this Battleground change would be found in the Bloodthirsty gear. Crafted Bloodied sets now identified as Bloodthirsty sets in season 9 were ilevel 338. The activation of Rage of the Firelands and season 10 changed things and Bloodthirsty equipment crafted after season 10 started is ilevel 352 but recipe requirements are the same.

Many PvP fans felt that PvP tier sets were simply too easy to acquire in previous seasons. Some battleground and arena players claim that Blizzard has stepped up to the plate requiring more, but giving more in the way of stats. The additional boost to crafted battleground equipment is also welcomed by many players.

Rage of the Firelands has exceeded expectations for some players and the often quoted “don’t stand in the fire” is even more applicable with this update. Before a player is ready for rated PvP content or the high level raid content, there is usually a lot of preparation to be done. Heroic instances, reputation grinds, daily quests and regular battlegrounds may be part of the necessary preparation for PvP or PvE hunters.

PvE oriented hunters may find that the WoW hunter gear patch 4.2 is more desirable and takes more work to obtain. PvE tier sets will require a lot of preparation and reputation and PvP tier sets will on average require more dedication to obtain. Even casual players find the new gear sets worth the extra work.

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