PS3 Mods Can Make A Good Machine Great

If you are the proud owner of a powerful Playstation 3 video gaming console system, something that you may want to look into are PS3 mods. There are people around the world who are taking their machines and turning their consoles into even more.

Although many of the more outrageous modifications are not yet available commercially, there are a few, and some of those who have modified their machines are willing to do it on others. There are of course also companies that focus on modifications, and so this is probably the best bet to start when searching online.

Most people would never imagine the Playstation 3 as a portable device, but fortunately some people out there did, and even created them. These PS3 mods are very extreme and can be costly, but there are companies willing to transform yours.

A PS3 laptop would seem unlikely to most people, but Ben Heck was not one of them, and he managed to create a great machine with a keyboard and 17 inch screen. Of course he was not the only one and you can find a number of weird and wonderful versions.

A simpler modification in a similar vain, is a Playstation 3 with a screen attached directly to it. For some these modifications may seem extreme, but if you are on the road, or travel a lot, it makes a lot of sense.

A popular choice amongst PS3 mods is definitely adding a new fan to the system, offering a quieter and cooler machine, giving it a longer lifespan. Some of these also come with unique casings and glowing lights to make the machine stand out even more.

Most commonly you will find modifications for your controllers and aesthetic looks for the body of the machine. Many PS3 mods revolve around specific game titles and themes, certain mods are over-the-top and great looking, while others will make you how you ever played without them.

When you start to mod your controller, one of the best additions are things like rapid-fire buttons, which if you play First Person Action games, you will know how handy they can be. These additional buttons, with different purposes in different games, and things like different analog sticks with better grip, will make your gaming go to a new level.

When it comes to the body, the simplest way to make a change to your PS3 is with decals and skins. Whether it be changing the color, or applying a fancy design, your Playstation 3 will look completely unique.

If your Playstation 3 is your pride and joy, you can make it stand out from the rest, so give it a new look and make it the centre piece of your entertainment system at home. Read more about: ps3 mods

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