PlayStation Vita: Is This Really a Next-Gen Console?

Would you like to enjoy a new experience in gaming, then Sony is here with the new PlayStation Vita that takes you to the next level of gaming. This PlayStation has broken all the boundaries of traditional gaming and will take you into a new world of gaming. Its unique features give you a different experience which you can carry around the world.

The brand-new PlayStation Vita has a 5-inch OLED multitouch screen at the front as well as the back. The screen is vibrant, bright as well as has a high resolution.

It has a motion sensor and even 6 axis sensors. It has dual analog sticks and it can support Bluetooth, WiFi and even 3G. The Vita will be released in two versions where one would be with 3G and the other one with 3G.

It has a socket for microphone and it has stereo speakers. You can bring your real world and your gaming world together with the front facing camera and a back facing the camera. The camera has face detection, head detection and also head tracking. The cameras can also be used for customization and personalization.

The PlayStation has the Near application, which would help two players to play against each other with Vita. The PlayStation Vita has a set of your favorite games which can play and enjoy. Sony has also come up with a few new games for you to enjoy. It has a slot for game card and a USB port. The PlayStation Vita has a removable battery and it has a good battery life. The memory card for the Vita is available in various sizes.

Sony PlayStation Vita has actually been however to release, as well as folks are eagerly hanging around for the release of the brand-new PlayStation Vita to delight in the following degree generation of remarkable video gaming.

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