Playing Domino The Puerto Rican Way

Dominoe is a very famous game not only in Puerto Rico, however in all Spanish ethnic traditions and in the Caribbean Islands. It’s a true pastime and it is really loved and played by families of all ages.

In this site you will understand how to play dominos exactly the way I was educated to play it by my parents. The way Puerto Ricans play the game. I will produce other post on how to play dominoe with varying rules and ways to play dominoes.

You’re going to need a dominos set. The regular set is the double 6 dominoe set with 28 dominoe. To play the game you’re going to need a minimum of two participants and a maximum of four gamers. Today we are going to focus on a 4 (four) player game. When there are four players, you play as partners. The player to your front of you is your partner. The players towards your left and right of you are your challenger.

All dominoes are shuffled face down. Each player draws 7 dominoes. Each player keeps their dominoes secret to themselves. You want to keep your dominoes secret. You can let anyone else see your dominoes, including your partner.

In the first game of a match, the player who holds the double 6 starts the game. This is only done on the first hand. The winning player of the first hand and each winner afterwards can start the hand with any domino they want. It can be a double or any other dominoes.

Once the first domino is played, the next player to the opener’s RIGHT plays. The next player can either draw or pass if they don’t have a matching domino. The game continues counter-clockwise.

The domino layout always has two open ends. When playing a domino, you must place it on one of the long end of the domino. The domino is never play in the middle of the bone, only the long end. All dominoes played must be played to a free end and must match numbers. i.e. a 3 must be played to a 3, a 5 to a 5, and so on.

If a game player falls short of a matching number to play, they need to take a pass to the next player. The game finishes whenever the last dominos is played, or in case the game is locked (the game can no longer proceed).

When the game ends, you gather all unplayed dominos. All remaining points are awarded to the winning team. Whenever the game is locked, All players add their points. the team with the smallest amount of points wins the hand and adds the points from both teams for final score. If you want you can play a 150, 250, or 500 point game. First players to reach the decided points wins.

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