Nerf Switch Shot EX-3: A Multi-Purpose Nerf Blaster

To many, video games are a whole lot of fun. You can explore different planets, fight robots, aliens, and do a lot of stuff you can’t normally do in real life.

What do video games have to do with Nerf you might ask? Well, Hasbro has gone and done something they never have before. I will tell you all about it. It definitely changes things, that’s for sure. Now you can experience Nerf in a whole new way.

The Nerf Switch Shot Ex 3 takes Nerf gun play to a whole new level…by getting your Wii game console involved in the mix. How does this work and why is this is a whole new step for Nerf as a toy company? Read on to learn how the Nerf Switch Shot Ex-3 is a completely different way to play Nerf.

The Nerf Switch Shot Ex-3 comes as a normal gun does that fires foam darts and within a matter of seconds you can convert it into a Wii remote control where you can play a digital Nerf game on your Wii console. Of course you’ll have to already have your own Wii console and video games which are sold separately. Once you turn it into a Wii gun controller you can play any first person shooter game as if you were actually holding a gun.

Once you’re done with the Wii games you can turn it back into a Nerf gun and blast real darts at your real life opponents. This gun is a great controller and a great addition to any Wii gaming console. If you’re a Wii lover and a Nerf lover this is hands down one of the best gifts to receive. The Nerf Switch Shot Ex-3 can be found at most retailers and is online at most toy shops and some electronics shops that sell Wii controllers. The best prices are typically found at online shops and sometimes come bundled with great games that go great with the controller.

Is there anything not to like about it? Depending on your preference, there may. Some reviewers noted that they felt it was a little front heavy with the Wii remote in.

See more on this sweet toy nerf blaster here (where you can also find it for sale) – Nerf N Strike Switch Shot EX3.

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