Mad Coaster for the iPhone Review

Mad Coaster plops you into the seat of a wildly careening roller coaster, but start playing the game itself and ten seconds later, you will know that this isn’t just any theme park ride you’re going into. If you have ever played Temple Run or any other “endless runner” games, this is what Mad Coaster’s gameplay is all about, except for the fact that you’re riding a coaster, not running.

In Mad Coaster, you try to ride a coaster for as long as possible while collecting golden coins, dodging or smashing into animals, and trying to complete all sorts of objectives. In the meantime, the colorful environments in the background do their best to distract you while you speed through several zany zones.

Not everyone will find the experience of rushing through zones while making jumps from platform to platform as enjoyable as we did, especially those who want to play a more relaxing game. You can even upgrade your roller coaster with insane power-ups to make your next ride even crazier than before.

The point of games like these is not to get to the finish line (there is none) but to get a much higher score than the last round. You only stop riding if your coaster falls off the track or off a platform. That’s not really a deal breaker, since games like Temple Run have proven that “endless runner” games can be a profitable venture.

If you’re out for a challenge, though, Mad Coaster might not deliver on that score. You actually won’t have a difficult time playing the game. In just a few rounds of play, patterns will emerge and you will find yourself seeing them again and again in the different zones.

My verdict? Mad Coaster serves up a new and fascinating inclusion to the assortment of games in this category, and will be sure to deliver a few hours of fun at the most. Regardless, the recurring game elements will ultimately become a drag, particularly if you are looking for more complex games.

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