LEGO Slave 1 – The Evil Boba Fett’s Ship in LEGO Bricks

In the Star Wars series of sets by LEGO, Slave 1, the ship used by Boba Fett, the bounty hunter, has been produced in six different versions . These six versions have varied from small, pocket-sized ships to larger ones that measure more than a foot in length. Although Boba Fett plays a relatively small part in the Star Wars stories, he has captured the imagination of a lot of the story’s fans. Accordingly, his ship has also turned into an object of great popularity.

In the Star Wars saga, Boba Fett, the bounty hunter, plays a role in the story in Episodes V and VI. He’s the bounty hunter who is hired by Darth Vader capture Han Solo and to turn him over to Jaba the Hutt. The ship that he pilots, Slave 1, was originally owned by his “father”, Jango Fett (actually, Boba is a clone of Jango), who, shall we say, “procured” it during his escape from the prison colony on Oovo IV. The ship was a prototype of an Imperial Firespray class patrol ship that he stole while making his escape.

Jango called the ship Slave 1, and he began a program of major upgrades and put a lot of effort into re-arming the ship. After he brought the ship to the Kuat Drive Yards he had their powerful drive engines squeezed into the ship, taking up two-thirds of the room in the hull. The weapons added to the ship included two sets of twin blaster cannons, two projectile launchers, and two rapid-firing laser cannons. There was also a system for mine laying that could deploy seismic charges.

The LEGO models of the Slave 1 reflect much of the weaponry he added. The level of sophistication of the models and the amount of detail has increased as each new model has been released. The first Slave 1, LEGO 7144 was released back in 2000, and while it captured the basic elements of Slave 1, it was somewhat primitive, as it lacked a lot of the specially designed elements that have been added to the later models. This first version looked a lot like something someone would create using nothing but generic LEGO parts.

The next Slave 1 version released by LEGO and was designated as LEGO 7153. In this model the quality and level of detail begin to improve a bit. The new cockpit was a special piece of plastic with a smoky tint, and the pieces that create the upper side of the landing shoe were special pieces as well, giving it a smoother, more finished look. This model was also larger, as it had more than twice as many pieces, 358, as the 7144 version which had 165. This set also included mini-figures, contrary to its predecessor.

[I:]The Slave 1 model which LEGO designated LEGO 6209 followed when it was released in 2006. As before, this was a significantly larger model than the previous one, having 537 elements. At this juncture the design of LEGO Slave 1 really began to develop. The use of specialized parts was increased, which produced a much more finished appearance. This ship includes a cargo hatch that could be opened so that you could load the Carbonited Han Solo aboard. The finished model also included the mine launchers, and the missile launchers. The twin cannon arrays are also provided. The set of four mini-figures (five if you include the Carbonited body of Han Solo) was the highest number to be included in a Slave 1 set.

[I:]The current version of Slave 1, LEGO 8097, is still in production. It is a larger model than its forerunner once again, but only slightly – it contains 572 elements as opposed to 537. The level of attention to detail in the model has increased once more. They use more special pieces in this set to create a highly finished appearance. The cover over the cockpit is hinged and can be opened, and you can place a mini-figure pilot inside. This latest version comes with three mini-figures (fewer than the last set!), and also has the Carbonite skid. The skid is designed to fit the Han Solo mini-figure, so that it can be “Carbonited” for delivery to Jaba, for great realism. The finish details on this newest model are quite impressive, and the finished model has a look of bounty hunter utility to it.

The two other versions of Slave 1 that LEGO produced were small (pocket-sized) versions of Han’s ship. One of them, designated LEGO 20019, was a promotional piece that was included with the Brickmaster Catalog January 2011 issue. It was not released for sale in stores. The other miniature version was part of a two-ship combo released in 2003 – it was combined with a model of Obie-Wan Kenobi’s Delta-7 Aethersprite Class Starfighter. All or these Slave 1 LEGO sets are available in the secondary market, if not the primary retail market, so it’s not too late to complete your collection. If you are, or know, a Star Wars fan, this ship is certain to be appreciated as an addition to their Star Wars fleet.

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