Information On How To Play Ping Pong

For those of us that never exercise, now is a great time to start. There are so many fun ways to exercise to make exercising seem like less of a chore and more like a fun activity. Try playing sports like hockey, rugby, soccer, football, and basketball. If you don’t like those options, try dancing or taking a yoga class. Maybe you’d like to give table tennis, also known as ping pong, a try. Here is some advice for people learning how to play ping pong.

It is really fun and exciting to engage in a table tennis match. A game is played with 2 or 4 people. Though it may seem difficult at first, amateurs can become skillful players with practice and dedication. Professional matches are incredibly fun to behold.

First, try and find another person that you can play a match with. You can’t engage in a round of table tennis on your own, unfortunately. It is best to find a person that is at the same skill level as you, or perhaps a little better. If you have a match with someone who’s really aggressive and competitive it will probably be very discouraging. By finding a more casual person, you will have a better time. Try doing either singles, which is with two people, or doubles, which is with four people.

Secondly, decide who serves first. The standard rule is to decide via a random method, such as drawing straws or flipping a coin. The winner chooses if they want to serve first or last. If they choose to serve second, they are allowed to choose which side they want to be on. You can also see who serves first by playing a quick rally to determine a winner.

To serve the ball, toss the ball out of your free hand up into the air. Then, hit the ball so that it hits your side of the net before it goes to your opponents side. If you are playing singles, you can hit the ball anywhere on the other side of the net.

If you are playing doubles, you need to serve to the person diagonal to where you are positioned, or else it will be considered a fault. If you rack up two faults, it is considered a double fault, and a point for the other team. After every two points, the players switch who gets to serve.

There’re several ways to score points in table tennis. If a person hits the ball across their side of the net, but it doesn’t hit the table, the other person gets a point. If somebody hits the ball into the net but the ball doesn’t go over, the other person gets a point. If they hit the paddle twice when they are trying to return a ball, someone else gets the point. If a person hits the ball with their body or they accidentally move the table around the opponent gets a point. A game will last fifteen or twenty one points depending on how long you want to play.

Table tennis is a great sport that provides a lot of cardiovascular exercise. If you are thinking about learning how to play ping pong, stop thinking and just go do it. Have fun!

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