Guide for RIFT Gathering Professions

In the massively multi-player online role playing games, the players can make some gold by picking the actual dropped items. The RIFT players can go and kill the monsters to get the items or they can pick up the items dropped through the players or the monsters. Sometimes, the items dropped by the players can be valuable.

And you may turn the materials into platinum in the auction house. There are 1-2 types of materials that you can use to gain levels your professions. You are able to use your own materials for free and you can sell the remained materials for RIFT Platinum in the auction house. Crafting could be a good profession for you to make the materials valuable.

Once you have some bags you can go and practice your skills. When you are practicing those gathering skills you can get some items or materials. You are supposed to put the items within the bags you have prepared. Then you can sell the items in the auction house for RIFT platinum. As a rule a player can make a lot of RIFT Platinum by selling the items and materials.

After their bags are full of fish, they will drop the fishes. The bag space are limited, they can just hold certain amount of fishes. When other players drop the items you can pick up them. If the items are of no use to you, you can sell the items for platinum. The platinum will be enough for your character and you will not need to buy RIFT platinum any more.

You can choose to be a tool smith you can craft the items into weapons such as the iron hunting rifle. Then you can sell the weapon for a significant income. Even it is only a green item it will worth more than other green items. Rune crafter can earn a lot within RIFT. Runes are rare items that in big demand.

The more platinum in RIFT you hold, the more power you have. Don’t lock yourself out of the RIFT WARs.

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