Golf: A game of Body and Mind

Golf is a sport that is played not just to develop the physical body. It is a game of strategy that is why it is widely known to be a mental game in line with chess. If you wanted to be really good with golf then consider hiring a professional golf trainer. Golf courses have various unique styles and for golf clubs to be hype golf tournaments are made.

Many golf courses are specifying dress code for every man and women. In Naples Golf School, the golf also has a resort that gives the members a relaxation. They also conduct tournaments and can also make an overnight stay with their bungalow style, coastal view rooms, signature gulf view rooms, gulf view suites and grand suites. The course has also a package for spa and massage therapy, which will also give an attraction to the members.

In this school, members are also able to enjoy half-price club rentals and a comprehensive membership offering. The golf course also has an edge water beach hotel with seven miles of beach front from the gulf with heated swimming pools, two-lane lane lap pool, a poolside bar and a complimentary towel and water service.

In Naples golf school a golfer is taught on how to use his body and mind to play golf. Players are not just brought in to the golf field and play all day long or on longer hours. The school has training programs like exercises to keep the body in shape for the game, to gain strength and to maintain high stamina during a long game. Basic exercise includes running, walking and stroking. The latter is important during a swing.

Physical exercise is good mentally but to fully develop mental capacity meditation is needed. Golf is a mental game that is why golf players need to meditate to win a game. Deep concentration is needed to be able to let the ball land on a certain location a golfer want and this is what meditation can help. Yoga is a good form of meditation so you better try it.

Orlando golf school is where Arnold Matthews a 10 year professional golf player leaned golf. Today he is teaching at Naples golf schools finest golf academy.. Free reprint available from: Golf: A game of Body and Mind.

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