Generate My New Character

At the last minute, the screen turns out a great picture of Terran. I know I can create my own, personal character now. A nice voice is alerting me to choose a profession for my character. I thought for a while and decided to be a Mage.

The adept-staff on my back is coming out and I hold it hardly. I make my progress with great care. Suddenly a wild boar pops up. The wild boar is about half people high. I cannot attack it since it is too far from me. I regret that I have not got enough Wow gold with me. Otherwise I can purchase a better weapon and attack the boar now. I take my steps carefully because I could die from the boar attack today.

After thinking for five minutes, I decide to name it “Vicissitudes” I like this game since it sounds unique and temperamental. Then I am in a small house. There are many beautiful girls there and I say hello to everyone. One of the girls speaking to me” Welcome to World of Warcraft, You can create your own wonderful world here and we expect your achievement. I am your tutor, line.”

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Then she gives me a Magic bar as a gift. That is my first weapon in the game. Then I start to explore the world of warcraft with the magic bar. This is the only weapon I can use to protect myself so I should take good care of it. I am looking forward the tutor to give me additional things. Really, she sends me an attack profession so that I can protect myself from the mob attacks. I could appreciate her very much.

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