Gaming Community Codes Of Conduct

There are a lot of online gaming communities that have developed their own rules regarding behavior while interacting with others online.

Any large group of people needs and develops certain standards of behavior to live and interact by. In the gaming world, these standards are important to try and keep order among the enormous amount of people that are registered.

Offering respect and courtesy in the online gaming community is important because you are dealing with real people, even if it is just a game. Not to mention, that the nicer you are to others, the more friends you will make over the course of your playing.

One way to show kindness and decency is not to try and steal something that another player is already working on obtaining. Let them have it and don’t cut them off.

Sharing is something that we should have learned as children, but somehow it seems that it does not apply to adults anymore. This is sad, and in game play, sharing is an important quality to possess and pass along to other players.

Sometimes being nice can also be a problem, especially when they are just learning how to play. There are times that players will need the assistance of others, while other times require their own skill and judgement. Let them let you know if there is something you can do to help them learn.

When you are in the chat room, don’t type repetitive messages over and over while you are waiting for someone to answer. This distracts other players, and interferes with the flow of the overall game. Not to mention, it is rude.

Remember to treat others like you would expect them to treat you. Asking for things is always better than demanding, and people will respond in a much more willing and nicer way if you do. If everyone would follow common courtesy, online gaming would be much more fun for everyone.

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