Finding the Best Flight Simulator Software

The best PC flight simulator is quite likely going to be one you have not heard about. Flight sim packages are rather a specialist type of software. As a result you'll often find that many of the finest flight simulator packages are only available online instead of as a shrink wrapped product to be purchased in your nearby computer outlet. So you've got to do a little bit of reading to find out what is on the market.

Flight simulator developers need to find a balance between making their product fun and feeling like a game and being realistic enough to feel just like you are flying a genuine aircraft. The difficulty with making things too realistic is you can lose the fun component and the experience can be tedious for all but the most dedicated pilots.

The steep learning curve often linked with flight simulators tends to limit their appeal to people apart from those who are terribly enthusiastic about recreating the piloting experience as accurately as possible. Many flight simulators available will do nothing apart from make you curse with disappointment at their difficulty. You need to find the correct balance of realism and pleasure. For this reason I think Pro Flight Simulator to be the best PC flight simulator available. It’s is both stunningly realistic and is superb fun too.

It’s all very well having a realistic flight sim but if the visuals are unrealistic then you are not going to get much pleasure from admiring the views. For me the best personal computer flight sim is all about exploring as much as it is about flight. I really like to feel a bit like I have the liberty to travel where I like and explore the geography of the earth from the air. I really like to fly over realistic landscapes, and if they are based mostly on real world geography then so much the better.

A good flight simulation should be created with a forgiving learning process that rewards you for your progression instead of penalising you for your lack of it. Variety is crucial. Pro Flight Simulator as an example has over 120 aircraft and over 20,000 airfields. There is not any end of varied flying experiences and locations to fly to.

It's important for a simulator package to include a comprehensive manual, demos and help texts. The best flight simulations are expandable with additional add-ons that can be bought that add yet further variety to the simulation experience.

In order to select the best personal computer flight sim for your requirements you want to decide on whether or not it is entertainment you are after or realism. The other thing to go looking for is whether you simply want to fly or do you need to get involved in combat by flying combat aircraft. Some flight sims such as Pro Flight Simulator even allow you to fly 'copters.

The authors website has more information about the best flight simulation software. You will find a flight simulator demo as well tips on choosing the best flight simulator controls.

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