Finding A Low cost Car – We Look At The Different Strategies

If you’re thinking of acquiring a vehicle on a tight financial budget then this article is intended to offer some assistance. There are various dangers related to low cost cars, the most obvious been that unless you’ve got a masters degree in mechanics, there’s a good probability that you could get ripped off. Many people do sell genuine low-cost second hand motor vehicles, but for every one of these folks there are two others who are looking to sell their vehicle before it breaks, and these people are more interested in getting a good price for their motor vehicle than in being honest about the cars condition. This article will run through a few approaches to sourcing low cost motors, and the individual setbacks and strengths of every one of these approaches.

Maybe you have considered buying a motor vehicle from the local car auctions, and this may sometimes be a great place to get an excellent deal, but car auctions are not with out risk. The principle drawback is that you’ve got very limited access to the motor cars before you make a commitment to purchase, which means that it can be almost impossible to really assess the state of the engine, chassis, or gearbox of the car that you’re about to spend your hard earned cash on. Although some folks do get a terrific deal, there are some real horror stories out there about individuals who have spent 1000’s on a car that’s basically only fit for the scrap yard.

Even buying from a second hand car dealer does not really present any more protection to you, the buyer. Most second hand dealers provide no guarantees, and as soon as the motor vehicle has left the forecourt you are pretty much on your own. This means that not only are you paying more for the vehicle than you would on the car auctions, but you’re really gaining no additional protection for the added expense. Not an ideal situation.

Buying a motor vehicle out of the local paper is the same story really, you need to have a well honed eye and sound mechanical knowledge to make sure that the vehicle you purchase is what it seems to be, and that there are not any nasty surprises lurking beneath the surface, now lets be honest, although a few of us may consider ourself mechanical experts when it comes to changing the spark plugs, how many can truthfully say they will really spot any problem with a car, and know exactly what tell tale signs to search for?

On account of all the potential problems surrounding second hand cars and upkeep expense, car leasing is definitely gaining ground over the second hand vehicle market. The advantages are profound and many, probably the most significant being that you get to drive away in a completely covered brand new vehicle for under 100 pounds a month. Whilst you do not actually own the motor vehicle, the benefit of being able to pick up the phone and get the vehicle replaced with a brand new model every few years far outweighs this for most people. Manufacturers warranties mean that any breakdown costs are absorbed.

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