Fantasy Draft Order

A long time ago, I would cancel fantasy league after league until I could get into one where I had the first overall pick in the fantasy draft. I hated being one of the last positions in the draft order because I thought there was no way I even had a chance at winning the championship. Well, eventually I just sick of this process and decided I’d just deal with the pick I was given. I wish I would have figured this out sooner.

Draft positions are something that I believe has little overall impact on the quality of your team. The first few picks of the draft do give you the chance to draft the best of the best, but that can have its downside considering that most draft orders snake. Drafts that snake are described as follows; when the managers draft in order in the first round and then reverse from there on out. If you have twelve managers and you have the 2nd pick in the first round, then you would have the 11th (23th overall) pick of the second round. Once a draft gets past the first couple of rounds, then your position in the draft has little affect on the final outcome.

However, your strategy will change depending on if you pick in the middle of or near the beginning or the end of a round. Let’s use the same example from above. If you are the 2nd pick, then you will have a lot of time on your hands to figure out what direction you want to take your team based on who you took with your first pick. However, you’re going to have two quick picks coming up as you will have pick #19 of the second round and then pick #22 (2nd pick of the 3rd round). I’ll explain about “directions to take your team” a little further on.

If you are 5th or 6th in the draft order, then you are right smack in the middle. You’ll feel a nice even flow throughout the draft and be able to better predict who will be available since you’ll only be waiting nine turns before you pick again. It is easier to do quick follow-up research on the best of the available players and really narrow down on who will fit best on your team.

Earlier on in the article, I brought up the notion of taking your team in a certain direction. You should have multiple strategies thought out prior to your fantasy draft. I have a long-held belief that a balanced team equals a losing team. You should stay focused on having more strong categories than weak categories and remember that adding players to simply balance out your team isn’t going to get you anywhere in the playoffs. The first couple rounds of your draft should be in harmony with each other.

In fantasy baseball for instance, if you start out drafting a 40 homerun/year slugger and then proceed to draft a bunch of speedy guys after that, what good are that slugger’s home runs going to do over the course of the year? They will become meaningless unless you draft a bunch of sluggers who all hit homeruns, drive in RBI’s, and score a lot of runs. So, mold your team based on your first few picks in the draft. Many times I will take the best player available early on and let that decide my team’s future.

Just keep breathing this year when you see you are picking dead last. With a solid fantasy draft strategy in place, your draft position is of little importance in building a team to win your league’s fantasy championship. Be sure to sign up for more free advice on building a championship-worthy fantasy team.

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