Facebook’s Original Game – Empires & Allies

Empires & Allies is the newest of the Zynga and Facebook family of games. The dangerous world of frontiers have made their break through, while farms still grow heavily with crops and breeds of animals. Now is the time for the wars to break out without the mafia and introduce a new world of combat and neutral territories.

Facebook has introduced many new games, but nothing like this one. Zynga has outdone themselves with the new gaming special. Incorporating ideas from prior games, this new battle field brings to life a new understanding to the world of Zynga games.

Launch your way through many missions and goals to earn reputations and coins. Level ups do not come easy with this game as they have in the past platforms, so it is important to make sure you pay close mind to the different missions it will take to get you where you need to go.

Your foot soldiers, cannons, tanks and aircraft are very necessary for what you need to get through the game. Each different piece will cover and defend parts of your island, so make sure that you have all of your basics covered. As you visit neighbors, you can gain extras off of them, five clicks at a time.

Work hard to collect everything you need from uranium to oil, lumber to plants. Farms, lumber yards, and oil rigs are only a few of the industrial parts to this island empire. Along with that, you will need to construct your government buildings in order to raise your population levels.

Zynga has collaborated with Facebook to provide players equal opportunity in the game. Forums, help centers, and other areas can help each of the gamers to find neighbors, ask questions, and get any answer that they may need. As the game continues to develop, so will the help center and the forums.

Get the complete scoop on how to run the game with the tutorial section. During the beginning of the game, you will be lead through the various functions, showing how to build, fight, deploy, and structure the island to the strongest of its capabilities. Each of the defense teams are better at destroying certain enemy objects, so be sure to double check before heading into battle. Once you lose a piece of your soldiers, you will have to replace them with new artillery.

As with most Zynga games, with the exception of just a couple, you have your energy bar that limits what you can or cannot do within the time frame you are on there. This is instilled to make sure that all players have the equal chance to play comfortably without launching neighbors into much higher levels.

Empires & Allies is already liked by thousands of players, with more being added every day. Join the troops and defend your territories from anyone that may come across your path, and declare neutrality with neighbors of higher levels. It’s your game, so you take these oceans by storm.

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