Exactly why did the Disney Channel Games stop?

So the Disney Channel games finally came to a close within the year 2008 right after plenty of challenging work, charity and very good turn out of folks. Actually it was a global turn out because they had a world-wide audience. Everybody was anticipating for them every time a brand new year began. Nevertheless, when the year 2009 reached and it was around the month of February but there had been no signs that the games will likely be aired, which includes advertisements, many individuals showed wonderful concern.

One of Disney’s spokesmen was given a call and he came out inside the public to give an explanation. He said that it was highly regrettable yet unavoidable that the games would not be held that year. This was simply because most of the actors would not be available on account of filming of programs, concert touring, vacations, time taken off and a lot of other factors.

However the network has continued to with charity activities by supporting numerous groups under the initiative of ‘Disney’s Buddies for Change’. Despite the fact that the edition for the year 2010 was not planned, there is some hope that games is going to be held.

Disney has assured enthusiasts that the Disney Channel games will return within the year 2011.It will be a fresh begin because the will even give it a new name which is, Friends for Change Games. Considering that the stars could still not be available, the teams could not have international stars playing in them. Also some of the series extremely on demand will already have ended as an example Wizards of Waverly Location and Hanna Montana. The Disney Channel games will for that reason not be the identical as they had been the previous three years.

Some Disney stars have ensured they will show up for the games but most of them will not be available. However, at the end of the games, there will be an awareness of cancer support hope concert. This will help to educate and support everybody who has cancer and even the ones who don’t. This may also help bring forth people who may want to help raise funds for the cancer support groups all around the world.

Someday hopefully these games will be permanently annual and even take place around different parts of the world each year. This will make it an even bigger event. Disney Channel Games have helped a lot of people totally, in terms of play and entertainment. For children, especially, it is a good way of spending their time during the holidays as it offers many different activities of play. Sometimes they can choose sports, games, adventures and even cartoons. It’s a good option to the common video games.

At the end of the day, a child gets educated and at the very same time entertained which makes the games a fantastic way of unwinding. Also, the truth that there are games that are suitable for all age groups and gender makes it convenient for all users in homes. Everybody is surely waiting for the Disney channel games inside the year 2011 having a lot of anticipation, even though there might not be very numerous key stars.

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