Dragonhawk Lord Jan’Alai in WOW

Zul’Aman is definitely an Amani troll city which located in the north of Ghost Lands. In Cataclysm, it had been re-introduced like a 5-man heroic dungeon by Blizzard. There are 6 animal bosses in Zul’Aman, and in this informative article, I will inform you how to kill the 3rd boss within this dungeon, Dragonhawk Master Jan’Alai.

When getting into Zul’Aman, the first pet boss you need to defeat is the Eagle Lord Akil’zon. This is an easy combat, and there are just a few tips you should know. To begin with, Akil’zon will frequently cast spells to assault the tank, so loss of life knight could be the greatest tank in this fight. In addition , due to the Amani Kidnapper, ranged DPS might be much better than melee attackers.

Compared with his original version, the new Akil’zon within Cataclysm has a few brand new tricks and abilities. When the combat begins, you will have an Amani Kidnapper periodically appearing above of you. It can grab a player and slowly strangle your pet to death. While being grabbed, the player could attack and cure. So right now, all of the DPS including the grabbed player should focus on attacking the eagle and kill this soon as possible. If the focus on is the healer, the particular tank needs to use some protection skills to make sure he won’t be killed in the period without being cured.

In 66% and 33%, Halazzi will call Spirit of the Lynx and heal to 100%. This particular phase could be a lot more difficult than the troll phase. To begin with, all of the DPS should switch to attack the Spirit of the Lynx, because it does not take aggro and will randomly attack any member in the team such as the healer. Additionally , it can cast caracal flurry to increase its harm. This skill can easily kill a cloth course such as mage, priest or even warlock.

Within phase two, Halazzi will certainly gain an extra capability, Corrupted Lightning Totem. This totem can throw chain lightning continuously create extreme amount of harm to all the users, so you’d better eliminate it as soon as you can.

If you possibly can easily deal with the hatchlings, you will see no difficulty for you to defeat Jan’Alai.

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