Draft Your Fantasy Team Right Before The Season

As a new fantasy baseball draft season starts, I’m reminding myself of the consequences of signing up for an early draft even though I know well of the horrible results in years past. Drafting a team this early is much like playing with fire. Way too many injuries occur in spring training, numerous position battles, and multiple other circumstances can ruin your playoff run before it’s even begun. After many seasons of fantasy addiction, I’m happy to announce that I’ve kicked the habit for good.

Yeah, the urge is still there. I’m sure I’ll even give in sometime. There’s nothing like oogling over your latest surefire championship squad. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I’ve discovered that the timing of your draft can play a major role in shaping the remainder of your season. In fact, I’d argue that this is one of the most critical yet often overlooked, tips to winning your fantasy championship. The draft itself is such a small step in the fantasy season, but your draft strategy and timing will shape your season and the direction of your team.

My suggestion is to wait until you’re within a week of the regular season. Most rosters will be set by this point, the star players start to get some time off to rest up before the regular season begins, and many of the major decisions of players starting the season on the DL will have been made by this point. The smart fantasy owner will better their odds in any way possible, and this is a surefire way to do just that.

As an example, I urged our commissioner in last fall’s fantasy football season to wait as late in the pre-season as possible for our live draft. Well our draft ended up taking place around two weeks before the season. The league is set up to have one keeper and I owned Peyton Manning. As it turns out, our draft ended up taking place two days before it was publicized that he’d had another major surgery and was out for the season. This was a disastrous blow to my team and I had struggled to overcome this problem all season long. If we would have waited to draft within a week of the season, then this would have completely altered my draft strategy as well as the outcome of my season.

You’re probably thinking that this gives all the managers in the draft the same advantages. That is true to an degree. However, simply waiting to draft right before the season starts is only an advantage if you do your homework. The player research still has to be thorough or you’ll be in the dark about the latest breaking news. A lot of the default rankings on the major fantasy sites don’t update player statuses on a regular basis during the pre-season, so it is up to the intelligent fantasy owner to create their own fantasy draft strategy.

If your target is winning your fantasy championship, then you better get to work in the off-season. Preparation before the draft is invaluable and knowing when to draft your team is an critical part of the journey. Bookmark our site and keep checking back often for additional tips, tactics, and strategies will be offered that will better your chances of winning your fantasy league.

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