Does Playing With Minecraft Cheats Wreck the Game?

I have always found it a bit strange that people use Minecraft cheats. Given that Minecraft itself is a sandbox game with no real beginning or end cheating seems a little counter productive. The game is all about having a great time and there's no real score. Cheating is normally to bypass the harder aspects of a game and get to the fun parts – but Minecraft is all about fun. There are many examples of Minecraft cheats and hacks however which remove nearly all aspects of the game. Custom clients and alterations have permitted players to teleport, fly and even create items.

What else is there to do inside on Minecraft apart from create these items? This is what Minecraft is all about but people are replacing it with cheats. It's a strange move to make and technically you're no longer playing the game as soon as you start to use cheats.

Now I am not against cheats and I am sure we've all employed a cheat code from time to time. But for a game like this I don't understand why you’d use cheats. Still, each to their own.

If you're going to use Minecraft cheats at least do it on single player games. Some multiplayer servers permit players to use cheats and this is fine too. But do not abuse these cheats to bother other players in the game. I have played Minecraft since it first became available on the web. Since that day I've played lots of games and, yes, I've played with Minecraft cheats also.

It is not something I’d do on a frequent basis but I like the issue of coding an extension for Minecraft and that is what most people desire. I have made 1 or 2 Minecraft cheats enhancements but I do not actually use them too much myself. I prefer to essentially play the game and I believe Minecraft cheats takes away some of the excitement.

Chris is a big Minecraft lover and can be found playing Minecraft. Chris has made Minecraft cheats such as the Minecraft cheat client

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