Computer Repair – Troubleshooting, Resolving And Blocking Issues

Computer savvy users will know that when a computer errors pops up, it could usually be related to any one of a thousands different issues. Unfortunately, narrowing it down a single problem is almost impossible unless you dedicate a lot of time to resolving it. However, we can at least attribute it to one of two things; it’s either a hardware or software error and there are generally earmarks of one or the other on every error. Here are some computer repair tips for spotting those errors and troubleshooting them.

Hardware Problems

Hardware is usually obvious in it’s errors, as they’re unique. Computer whose errors are hardware-related will often break in a different manner, such as with a blue screen of death (BSOD) or by simply shutting down. This can result from many things, such as user error like overclocking or component issues, such as aging. Additional problems may arise from incorrect installation, bad computer care (allowing dust to gather). To narrow down the source of the problems, try swapping out components with working ones or by just removing them completely and seeing if the computer will start up.

Software Problems

This is a very difficult problem to resolve, as software can break a computer in thousands of different ways. Always keep note of your last few changes, so that you can easily reverse the changes when necessary. This applies to scenarios such as those where you install a new, untested program or you alter a setting on the operating system. However, functionality can also be reduced by programs like anti-virus software that has inbuilt firewalls. These can restrict access to specific programs and unless you’re aware of it, this can be a particularly frustrating issue.

If your computer refuses to function anymore or the virus has wrought havoc and the damage is irreversible, then consider a full system reinstall. While time-consuming, it can not only fully restore functionality, but it can also restore some of the lost performance that was taken away by bloated files and junk. Always make sure you have the files and operating system available on disc along with any serial key information.

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