Advice For New Members Of The Modded Controller Community

Modded 360 controllers can be outfitted with a broad variety of custom mods, and choosing the right one can be a confusing task. When it comes down to it, the benefits of all controller mods are astounding but selecting the right mod can be difficult due to their broad range of functions. Xbox 360 modded controllers are designed with specific game types in mind, and accordingly, when you go to purchase one, it should be a reflection of your gaming style. Whether you play first-person shooters most often or you enjoy sports games more, the modded controller you purchase should line up with your favorite style of game play.

The largest category of Xbox 360 modded controllers is geared towards people who predominantly play first-person shooters. If you fall into this category, then the news is good as there are many different mods that are compatible with FPS games. The most popular mod for these games is rapid fire, which, as the name suggests, increases the rate of fire for certain weapon classes. A rapid fire modded controller allows gamers to utilize pistols and other single shot weapons in the same manner as an automatic weapon. For FPS fans, this mod provides a distinct advantage in that weapons are more effective in dealing damage, which is the key goal of first-person shooters.

Another custom mod that matches the FPS game play well is fast reload, which provides a bit more of an advantage than the standard rapid fire. Fast Reload skips a game’s reload animation, which means that reloads are noticeably faster than standard. This modded controller is also commonly outfitted with universal rapid fire, giving this controller an extra advantage to its owner. Modded 360 controllers for first person shooters are uniquely tuned to improve the game play, and allow the gamer to interact with the game surroundings in new ways. If you are considering a modded controller for first-person shooters, it is crucial to understand the standard function of each controller, and base your decision on which one best fits your favorite style of game play.

If your curiosity is not peaked by, or you do not play FPS games often enough for that type of modded controller, there are mods that cater to your defined needs. Button relocation mods are favorite among sports/racing game fans because it allows gamers to design a custom command layout for the buttons. These modded 360 controllers cut down on individual error, and greatly increase the accuracy of a gamer’s input commands because they are used to the customized the layout of their controller. There are also modded controllers fashioned specifically for single game titles such as a Tiger Woods mod, which provides an benefit that is specific to Tiger Woods golf games.

Deciding on the proper mod for you requires you to analyze the way you most often play. The list of modded controllers is extensive, but once you locate the best fit for you it is blatantly apparent why they are so popular among dedicated gamers.

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