A Critical Look at Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 is the new game produced by Bioware, but is it any good? This little Mass Effect 3 reivew will try and help decide that for you, whether or not it is something worth your time to actually buy. The game is set in our very own MilkyWay with a pretty dark tone attached to it. You run through the galaxy playing as Commander Shepherd, a battle-hardened war veteran who has been fighting the good fight against a mysterious race known as the Reapers who threaten all forms of life by their very existence.

Though the game is fairly dark, the setting actually has quite bit of humorous ancedotes in it. Especially related to some of the interactions you have with the Krogans and later on the Salarians. The humor in many ways adds the comic relief needed to get through the darkness of the game.

The story has Commander Shepherd slowly discovering a horrific secret about the origins of the Mass Relays – the technology that everyone in the game uses to get around the galaxy at super fast speeds. It was all thought the Protheans created the Mass Relays. When in fact, a highly intelligent race of sentient starships known as the Reapers were the true architect. They built the Mass Relays as a way to make intelligent life to evolve in a certain way, so when it came time, the Reapers could easily harvest and destroy all living sentient life in the galaxy with ease and predictable results. In the first story, Commander Shepherd averted this from happening, following the story in the Sequel he continues his battle to stop the Reapers from destroying the galaxy.

The gameplay itself is not overly revolutionary, but it is super fun. It is a rare 3rd-person shooter game, while incorporating all the many benefits of playing an RPG. You will find yourself in situations where you will be looking through the scope of a sniper rifle, leading the charge with an assault rifle or tactically taking out your enemies up close and personal using a shotgun. Yet, you will also find yourself running around the Citadel and various other zones Mass Effect 3 has to offer talking with various people in the game, making important choices and learning the rich cultural flora that Bioware has built for its game.

The thing that Bioware has always promised to produce with this franchise is that your choices matter. Many games have talked about how your choices have real-life cosnequences, but so few actually carry out that promise. If you played the previous Mass Effects, you already know a little bit about this. However, Bioware is promising this will have an even bigger effect in the story outcomes and variations for the third one than it has for the previous two installments. One of the outcomes even is where Commander Shepherd actually dies. That’s right, the main protagonist dies as part of the cinemactic ending for the game. As of yet, it is unknown whether or not he can complete his mission while dying, or if it leads to the Reapers victory over the galaxy and the genocide of all living sentient life.

So if you have played the first two games, your saved files will be uploaded to the third game. The choices you made previously will come back to haunt you, or perhaps even releive you depending on the outcome of those choices. Because of this very reason, Mass Effect 3 might just be the crowning role model when it comes to interactive and very personal storytelling.

Anyone who lusts after a good action game with an epic story, should definitely check out Bioware’s Mass Effect 3. It is worth it. The setting is rich with folklore, the gameplay is pretty addictive, and the actual story has so many twists and interesting extras that it will bring most people to play far more than just one simple playthrough.

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