5 Steps to Success

The lottery is a game of chance and it is very hard to predict the winning numbers. However, one can increase his chances to match all numbers by using mathematical formulas and Smart Lotto Algorithms. There are systems that by using statistical analysis generate the more likely numbers to be picked. It then also enables one to play a large quantity of tickets for a fraction of a cost. To choose the right product it must answer the following principles.

The system should have statistic based recommendations and enable playing more than the 5+1 traditional numbers. It then would compute all the possible combinations that ensure/guarantee a winning ticket according to one’s required winning criteria.

The system should enable the option of submitting the favorite numbers automatically. This would increase the winning chances of the numbers played.

The product should have a support team in place that can advise the individual on how to increase his chances of winning. Using smart algorithms would enable one to play the minimum amount of tickets to ensure winning if part of the chosen numbers were drawn.

The system should save customers’ time and efforts by filling in the forms, as well as buying, storing and checking their tickets. Automated methods to print customers’ tickets would avoid potential human error when choosing and filling the lottery form. Tickets would then be submitted on time and after the draw the system would be able to perform automated check of all tickets and notify the winning customers.

An intelligent system that generates all possible combinations (“Tickets”) from a larger set of numbers according to the chosen criteria. It can create a full (Full Wheel) or partial (Abbreviated Wheel) coverage of all possible number combinations. This way one can increase dramatically the chances of winning when the winning lottery numbers were part of the larger group of numbers chosen.

Smart algorithms and Lotto-related advance services, makes Auto Real Lotto the first choice for advance Lottery players that are looking for smart tools and easy ways to win the Jackpots.

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