4 Interesting Word Games You Could Enjoy Online

Word games you may play on the net are the following: scrabble, crossword puzzle, word search puzzle, and also hangman.

Word games were most likely made a short while after man learned the way to read and write using the letters of the alphabet. Word games are very informative activities as it can boost the vocabulary skills of the player. Furthermore, the player would also feel a great emotional accomplishment after accomplishing each difficult game. With the evolution of computer systems as well as the Internet, these word games can now be enjoyed on your computers, too.


Scrabble is known as a game introduced by Alfred Mosher Butts in the time the Great Depression, which is loved and played by many people in the USA and around the globe. To play this game, there must be two to four gamers, wherein every player will get seven tiles from the tile bag and arrange them on their specific racks. Participants take turns linking legal scrabble words on the board, and gain points in line with the corresponding scores of every tile and also the points of every single square their tiles occupy. The champion of the game is the participant who gained the most points at the end of the game.

Crossword puzzles

Another all-time favorite is the crossword challenge. In this game, there’s a square or perhaps rectangular-shaped grid having blanks and shaded places. The objective of the game is to load each blank square using the right letter. The letter to be put into the empty square is based on the correct answer of the puzzle’s offered signs. The best answers are words which can be browse both horizontally, from left to right; and vertically, from top to bottom. This specific game has three classes – simple, average, and also difficult. Some gamers may also get the aid of Cheat on Words with Friends sites to assist them in completing the complete grid. Constant playing of the game will eventually improve your abilities and aid you resolve the clues.

Word search puzzle

Word search puzzle is another classic game which has entertained many individuals through the years, particularly those who have to wait for their turn in physician’s offices or those who had nothing to perform but wait for time to go by. This is a very simple game in which all you need to do is look for specific words among a block of letters. As long as the right letters are adjacent to one another, words can be read from most directions: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and even backwards. All that you should do is mark the full word as soon as you find it until you’ve found all the words.


A game that’s filled with excitement is the hangman game. The objective of this kind of game is to identify the word which the other person has in mind based on the number of blank lines presented per letter of that certain word. Each letter which is guessed right is positioned on its specified line. Nevertheless, if a wrong letter is given, a body part is drawn. The player will have a point in case he guesses all the right letters or the right word before a caricature of a guy being hanged is completely drawn.

An interesting fact concerning word games is it could be played by all ages. As soon as a child can determine letters, he may begin to play these games. Make learning fun with word games.

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